Balloon Fiesta "Rimska bania"

Special musical guest of the balloon fiesta "Rimska bania 2015" is Oleg Skrypka - musician, frontman of "Vopli Vidopliassova", public figure, president of the festival "Land of dreams" ("Країна Мрій") and "Rock & Sich" ("Рок Січ").

Our special guest will be Ivan Trifonov - four-time record holder of "Guinness", the author of the idea of ​​"flight from the edge of space." Ivan Trifonov was the first to cross the Mediterranean Sea on balloon and to travel to the North and to the South Pole. This fall, Ivan Trifonov get into cave Mamet (depth 206 m) in Croatia on balloon and is expected to be listed in the book of "Guinness" for the fifth time.

Dear pilots,
During the Balloon Fiesta some competitions will be held. You can find the rules in the
Competition Rules.
The competitions will be conducted using trackers (devices transmitting your coordinates over the channels of cellular networks).

Participants in Balloon fiesta "Rimska bania 2015"

  Name Country Participant Balloon
1. Dmitriy Koryakin Russia
2. Andrey Petrenko Russia
3. Alexandr Novikov Ukraine
4. Sergey Skalko Ukraine
5. Maria Oparina Russia
6. Ezhi Chernyavski Poland
7. Sergey Belorusov Ukraine
8. Evgeniy Kostyuk Moldova
9. Rosen Kasabov Bulgaria
10. Kaloyan Simeonov Bulgaria
11. D. Boyanovich Slovenia
12. Inga Ūle Latvia
13. Orlina Asparuhova Bulgaria
14. Veselin Jivkov Bulgaria
15. Konstantin Dimov Bulgaria