Balloon Fiesta "Rimska bania"

About the festival

Balloon Fiesta "Rimska bania" is a very special event for which promotion Thermo-SPA Hotel "Rimska bania" has been working for three years. For all the free people, for all the dreamers, for all who seek feelings of boundlessness, freedom, purification, dissolving in time and space ... For those who love to fly!

Balloon fiesta "Rimska bania" is held in village Banya, Razlog, Bulgaria - a place blessed with hot springs, fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery. Unique power and beauty. What better place to meet people in love with the infinite sky!

Balloon fiesta "Rimska bania" is the place where you can meet people who have chosen to own and fly with hot air balloons, to find out why flying is a passion for them, to feel the incredible harmony between man and the balloon, to hear stories about their friendship with clouds and wind, to see flames in their eyes and to feel with your soul the joy of flying.

The blue sky and fluffy clouds may be touched by a hand stretching, while the land issues remain below - in dwindling houses and concrete gray. Eyes only see the endless colorful fields, green forests and snow-capped peaks.
And somewhere high above this earthly splendor even more colorful hot air balloons are soaring, controlled by people in love with the blue expanse of the sky to which flying is not just a passion, but the life itself.